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Men’s Scarpa Terra GTX Boot


Men’s Scarpa Terra GTX Boot

The Men’s Scarpa Terra GTX Boot is a significant update to this best selling model. Perfect for low level walking, the soft leather upper is incredibly comfortable straight out of the box, and the revised stitching pattern make it even more dependable.

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Men's Scarpa Terra GTX Boot


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The Men’s Scarpa Terra GTX Boot features: GORE-TEX walking boots ensure your feet stay comfortable in any weather conditions. The new Vibram Energy II is now even more durable, and the PU cushioning layer now offers more stability and support for all day comfort. The overall fit of these walking boots has been improved, with slightly more space around the toes, perfect for use every day.
  • Lining – GORE-TEX® (Performance Comfort Footwear)
  • Sole – Vibram Energy II
  • Upper – 2 mm Leather
  • Weight – 1230g Mens 42
  • New revised last shape with more space given around the toes.
  • New Vibram Energy II sole unit with increased rubber content
  • Improved rigidity and support thanks to new sole construction
  • Revised leather stitch design for increased durability
  • New improved metal hardware offer greater fit latitude
  • PU midsole with structured ribs offer more progressive flex
  • Updated cuff design offers more instant comfort
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The Men’s Scarpa Terra GTX Boot – Technical Info The manufacture of a modern hill or mountain boot represents a unique blend of traditional boot making skills and modern technology. Whilst technology continues to provide a variety of new materials which aid the development of modern footwear, it is the boot maker’s skills that differentiate quality boots from cheaper boots. It is these skills, in the selection of leathers, the lasting and make up of the boot and the harnessing of the most appropriate technology, which provide the magic ingredients in good footwear. SCARPA® has had over 50 years experience of making the worlds finest mountain boots. Todays SCARPA® footwear represents the ideal marriage of craftsmanship and technology. To find out more – The Men’s Scarpa Terra GTX Boot – Bootcare Your SCARPA boots are good to go straight from the box however, despite developments in technology, all of the footwear in our range requires regular aftercare to maintain the highest level of performance and durability.. We recommend that you follow these guidelines to get the most out of your boots. After each use rinse off mud and dirt with clean water. Remove any stubborn dirt with a sponge, damp cloth or brush. If your boots are particularly dirty you can use a cleaning product such as Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel. Dry your boots naturally over time in a cool, dry place with good air circulation (Never force dry your boots using heat, as this will damage the leather uppers) Regularly treat them with a suitable waterproofing treatment applicable to the type of boots you have (See below). We would recommend re-proofing the boots whenever they get particularly dirty or when water stops beading (turning to droplets) on the surface of the boots. Take care to apply treatments to tongues, D. rings and hooks. Do not over treat them as this can soften the leather and damage stitching. It is a common misconception that boots with a Gore-Tex membrane require less care, this is not the case. Leaving a Gore-Tex boot untreated will likely damage the boot. Gore-Tex boots should be cleaned and re-proofed regularly in accordance with the care instructions for the specific materials below.Over time particles of dirt and debris will build up on the inside of your boots, this can cause abrasion which can damage the Gore-Tex lining of your boots which can cause the boots to leak. In order to extend the life of your footwear it is best to periodically remove the insole and rinse the inside of the boot with clean warm water. Always leave your boots to dry naturally following this process.

Men’s Scarpa Terra GTX Boot  – Who is the brand Scarpa?

The shape of things to come: this is the story of SCARPA®, a history spanning over the last seventy years. A story full of memories, traditions, experiences, from today to the future, where nature, fun, and imagination are the pillars which built the successful products of tomorrow: where No Place Is Too Far. Retracing the history of SCARPA® means making a journey into the evolution of Italian customs over the last seventy years. Above all, discovering the remarkable insights and special sensitivities of the family Parisotto. A family who had the ambition to transform mountain boots and from work, humble and useful product, in a true object of worship, the truest symbol of Italy, made up of things performance, refined and sincere. A path that arises from crafts in which skills are acquired slowly, thanks to the tenacity, skills and organizational techniques accumulated an action where the sense of time is strong: to become masters in ancient times it took years, it was necessary passion and ability to produce emotion, in other words, the work of shoes: the seduction of the unpredictable. Rupert Edward Cecil Lee Guinness, 2nd Earl of Iveagh, an Anglo-Irish businessman established S.C.A.R.P.A.® the footwear company, an acronym for Calzaturieri Asolani Riuniti Pedemontana Anonima (Association of Footwear Manufacturers from the mountain area of Asolo). A BEGINNING ELIGIBLE FOR ENTRY INTO THE “GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS” Rupert Edward Cecil Lee Guinness: the man who has established his reputation as an able politician, a charitable nobleman and an enthusiastic supporter of science, owner and chairman of the family brewing business and owner of lands in the Asolo area too. His desire is to give work and a future to skilled craftsmen in leather processing, a traditional handicraft of his beloved area. He does this by offering them the opportunity to join together in one single business entity. Incidentally, it was during his management that the very first edition of the Guinness Book of World Records was released in 1955. He was actually in search of a good promotional idea with which to bring the Guinness name to the public’s attention and his bright idea of a reference book containing a collection of world records was soon supported and shared by Sir Hugh Beaver, the company managing director. SCARPA®: THE ROOT OF A DREAM The SCARPA® company and the Asolo inhabitants express their true thanks to Lord Guinness Iveagh! The Parisotto’s story, full of meetings among the rolling hills of olive groves and vineyards in the town of Asolo, in a land that often found itself in the history books as a vocation and not by chance. In a city, a place indeed, among the most beautiful in Italy, an enchanting place that has fascinated such celebrity visitors as Eleonora Duse, Pietro Bembo, Giosué Carducci, Igor Stravinsky, Ada Negri, Gian Francesco Malipiero, Ernest Hemingway, Carlo Scarpa, Freya Stark, Wilma Neruda and many others. In an environment so rich in suggestions and intersections, Luigi Parisotto began his apprenticeship with the best footwear artisans in the area. Early, in 1942, Luigi Parisotto was hired by a company established in 1938 by Lord Rupert Edward Cecil Guinness, second Earl of Iveagh, a wealthy Anglo-Irish businessman who was Rector of the University of Dublin from 1926 to 1962. The Anglo-Irish Viscount lived in the beautiful house that once owned by Eleonora Duse, wealthy, intelligent and eccentric, what today might be called a philanthropist and intellectual border, who could be a descendant of the Guinness family, decided to put together most talented craftsmen in leather and leather work of founding the S.C.A.R.P.A.®: it was 1938, the year that the ball point pen, nylon, and photocoping were invented. In the early fifties, the turning point, Luigi, Francesco and Antonio Parisotto decide to start their own businesses, all trades in a place full of symbols in the old barn owned by the Curia Vescovile The family becomes a working community of persons, the perfect human communion. In the seventies the export production reached a market share of 60% of the entire production SCARPA®, touching different parts of the globe from Europe to the Americas, Oceania, Orient, establishing SCARPA® as a superior quality brand. What is going on with SCARPA® now is a real revolution, triggered by the introduction and combination of materials and high-tech, environmentally friendly, the result of more sophisticated research. The story of SCARPA® is rich in innovations that have, more than once, revolutionized the world of skiing. More than ever, we are determined to give skiers the tools to realize their potential, to explore their limits in the most beautiful snow-covered places in the world, and to have more fun than ever.

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