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Ledlenser P5R Rechargeable Torch

Ledlenser P5R Rechargeable Torch

  • Lightweight (less than 110 grams) and extremely compact, fitting comfortably into a jacket or pants pocket.
  • Despite its compact size it packs a powerful light, is extremely weather resistant and is equipped with the latest light technologies. Light functions can be customised to the user more easily than ever before with Smart Light Technology.
  • It can be easily recharged and can handle extreme dust and even submersion in water.


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Ledlenser P5R Rechargeable Torch


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The Ledlenser P5R Rechargeable Torch features:
  • Advanced Focus System: Can focus the light beam as a spot or flood, without losing quality of light
  • Rechargeable: Save money, batteries and reduce environmental impact
  • Smart Light Technology: Allows you to program a variety of light functions
  • Temperature Control System: Keeps light from overheating so it can run brighter and longer
  • Flex Sealing Technology: Provide superior protection against dust and water
  • Emergency Light: When power goes out and if your Ledlenser is on the charging base, it will automatically turn on automatically to give you light
  • Front Switch: A switch on the head of the light so you can use one hand
  • Magnetic Charge System: Safe reliable charging that is quick and easy to use
  • Memory Function: Sets the light so that it starts in the last light mode or brightness level used when it is switched on
  • Battery Status – charge indicator and a low battery warning so you always know where you stand on power
  • Back Up Mode: Charge level is continuously monitored and when low it drops to the low-power mode, giving you about 1 hour of remaining light
  • Dimmable: Seamless adjustment of the luminosity
  • Flicker Free: Provide flicker free and constant light enabling optimal and safe illumination of fast moving parts or machines
  • Transport Lock: Will not turn on accidentally and use up battery
  • 7 Year Warranty: Be confident that we stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our products
  • 1 x 14500 Li-ion rechargeable battery 750mAh, 3.7v
  • Lanyard
  • Magnetic charging cable Type A
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Ledlenser P5R Rechargeable Torch – ABOUT LEDLENSER

Light from the sun takes more than eight minutes to reach the earth – with Ledlenser it’s just the press of a button away. We create light. Even in the furthest, darkest corner of the world. As one of the world’s market leaders in LED torches and head torches, we are downright obsessed with it. While some believe that we already make the best lights in the world, we think that we’re just getting started – there is always a better idea and that even the best and most excellent can always be improved.
OUR GOAL We can be found all across the globe, but we want to become the number one worldwide producer of portable light. With quality German Engineered products, we aim to do just that. For us that means setting ourselves the highest standards in terms of innovation materials, technology, workmanship, design and sustainability. And because we believe in the quality of our products, we also offer a seven years warranty with our lighting solutions. We are always working tirelessly to further our technological edge – from superior lenses to smart batteries, we currently own over 100 patents. And we already have our eyes on the next 100. A NEW ERA IN PORTABLE LIGHT We already have over 100 patents for our innovative ideas. And this is just the beginning. Your enthusiasm is what we value the most and guides us. From our products, quality, to our services, we are dedicated to delivering that “wow” factor to you. We achieve this the best when we create an atmosphere in our company that brings us all forward – we are constantly challenging each other and supporting our employees in their development, enabling them to reach their full potential. PEOPLE AND PRACTICE In everything we do, we act responsibly and reliably. In production we are careful to respect ecologically with sound and sustainable practices – the quality and long battery life of our lights as well as the option to replace faulty parts help protect resources and minimise waste. We fulfil our responsibility to people by building company housing and through involvement in social projects. Towards the planet and people, we are committed. OUR HISTORY In 1993, the bank refused to grant them a business loan and they had no real estate to offer as collateral, just fresh ideas and the prototype of the first Ledlenser V8 torch. For the gentlemen at the bank, who told them that the V8 was unsellable, that wasn’t enough. So In 1994, with 1,000 Deutschmarks, a sketch book, toolbox and old Atari® computer, twin brothers Rainer and Harald Opolka struck out on their own and founded Ledlenser in their garage in Germany. CONQUERING THE MARKET With all the passion and courage of two young, newly-minted entrepreneurs, they managed without the bank and to their own surprise ended up selling more than 200 million Euros’ worth of LED torches in the first five years. The V8 became an international design classic and one of the the top-selling LED torches in the world. FROM A GARAGE TO WORLD LEADERS Now, as Harald Opolka likes to say, “We are our own bank.” As if to remind anyone of this who might happen by, today a lone, tattered, pirate flag waves over their Solingen headquarters. Fast forward 25 years, hundreds of patents and design awards later, and Ledlenser is now a company of more than 1,500 employees, three manufacturing bases and a range of some of the world’s highest-quality LED torches. And today, just as in the beginning, we remain driven by light – the emission, channeling and powering of light

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