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Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube, 700×18-28C – SV15

Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube, 700×18-28C – SV15

Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube, 700×18-28C – SV15 is a high-quality inner tube with 50 or 60mm Presta valve. The Schwalbe SV 15 is suitable for road, touring, trekking and cross bikes. It keeps the air for an above-average length of time, thanks to the best material quality and uniform wall thickness. It offers the highest reliability, proven a million times over. It is particularly suitable for the racing bike.


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Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube, 700x18-28C - SV15


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Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube, 700×18-28C – SV15 features:
  • Airtightness. Schwalbe tubes retain air pressure considerably longer. The quality and the material purity of the rubber mixture directly effects the quality of the tube. Each Schwalbe tube is individually inflated and inserted into a mold. This ensures the even wall thickness and excellent air retention.
  • Reliability. Consistent quality control brings with it the security of use: Each tube is inflated at the factory and stored under pressure for 24 hours in order to test the air retention.
  • ETRTO: 18/28-622
  • Type: Standard
  • Weight: 105 g
  • Material specifications for Schwalbe TUBE NR.15, Black Material: Butyl
  • Schwalbe TUBE NR.15, Black is developed for the following Sports & Activities: Bike Sports
  • Schwalbe TUBE NR.15, Black can be used in the following Weather conditions: Warm Cold
Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube, 700×18-28C – SV15 – Fits the following tire sizes: (ETRTO | French) 18-622 | 700 x 18C 20-622 | 700 x 20C 22-622 | 700 x 22C 23-622 | 700 x 23C 25-622 | 700 x 25C 28-622 | 700 x 28C (ETRTO | Inch) 18-622 | 28 x 3/4 20-622 | 28 x 3/4 22-622 | 28 x 7/8 23-622 | 28 x 7/8 25-622 | 28 x 1.00 28-622 | 28 x 1.10 22-630 | 27 x 7/8 25-630 | 27 x 1.00 Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube, 700c x 18 – 28c – Technology
  • Smart Evo Compound – Latest generation blend of smart polymers to provide maximum grip with a low rolling resistance = Faster coupled with better control on any road or surface
  • Techwall+ Road – New TLR casing technology with multiple layers of reinforcement to provide superior puncture protection within a lightweight structure framework = High performance all-rounder with best in class weight to protection ratio
  • Tubeless Ready – Rim compatibility developed under ETRTO standards and for modern wide rims
  • Schwalbe Tube Recycling. A Schwalbe tube is 100 % recyclable. Schwalbe can use the recycled butyl rubber in the production of new tubes without any loss of quality. Used tubes provide the raw material for the recycling process. In Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain, Schwalbe is supporting this recovery process with a procedure which is both free of charge and easy to use for every bike retailer, and also for cyclists. Today, around 20 percent of every new standard Schwalbe tube consists of recycled materials. At the same time, Schwalbe is constantly working to further increase the proportion of recycled material without negatively affecting the quality of new tubes. For more information visit
  Shop More Cycle Accessories Online – Trailblazers Shop   Schwalbe Presta Bike Inner Tube – About Schwalbe
All of us at Ralf Bohle GmbH love the bicycle because it brings people together and connects them with nature. For us, it is the intelligent answer to the global climate and energy crisis as well as a means to the mobility revolution. With our Schwalbe brand, we are doing our part as leading specialists for bicycle tires and inner tubes with innovative solutions.We manufacture high-quality and innovative products for all cyclists. Durability, puncture protection and suitability for everyday use are key criteria for us.The locations Headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and USA/Canada. Distribution partners in over 40 countries. Production partnership with Korean tire manufacturer Hung-A, production in Indonesia and Vietnam. As a family business, our entrepreneurial activities have always been closely linked with responsibility. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ecological and social aspects are integrated into responsible action. Our inspiration is thinking in cycles. Products are designed so that all materials can be recycled after use. This is taken into account in design and manufacturing. With our Korean production partner Hung-A, a European-Asian cooperation based on respect and trust was established as early as 1973. The two companies are now linked not only by a 50-year friendship that is unparalleled in the industry, but also by a joint venture.

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