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PowerBar Powergel Shots

PowerBar Powergel Shots

  • PowerBar Powergel Shots deliver the same function as PowerGels with a scientifically developed combination of different carbohydrate sources.
  • They are designed for before and during sport, easy to portion and taste great!
  • 9 bite sized, liquid-filled energy chews in a resealable bag.
  • Contain the C2Max carbohydrate blend for faster energy absorption, while an electrolyte-filled center provides added refreshment.


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PowerBar Powergel Shots

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The PowerBar Powergel Shots features:
  • 5 SHOTS deliver the same amount of carbohydrates as 1 PowerGel
  • Unique taste experience through liquid filled centre of the shots
  • With natural flavours – no preservatives* (*by law)
  • 9 Shots in a resealable bag – easy to consume in indivdual shot portions

Suggested Usage

  • Consume up to 9 SHOTS within 60 minutes before sport
  • During sport we recommend to consume up to 90g carbohydrates per hour depending on the intensity and duration. 1 POWERGEL Shot delivers about 5g carbohydrates.
  • As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. For flavours without caffeine: consume 1-2 pouches per day (for flavour with caffeine: 1 pouch per day) during sport
  • A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.
  • For caffeinated versions: Contains caffeine (125mg/100g). Not recommended for children or pregnant woman.

Who Are The Brand PowerBar?

Thirty years ago, we started with a vision to revolutionize sports nutrition. Paying close attention to what athletes needed to perform at their best, we created high-quality products that replenished muscles and revived the spirit at every turn. No matter the feat, you were always ready to power on and cross the finish line. But over time, the way you play has changed, so now, we’ve upped our game. Today, we are leaders of the market we helped create, because at PowerBar, we know athletes. We know the thrill that comes from the play-offs and the rush you get when you conquer a challenge. From the never-ending days to the unbelievable comebacks, from the pre-game warm-ups to the post-game high-fives, PowerBar encourages every athlete to get the most out of their time and celebrate every win, no matter how small. Which is why we’re dedicated to providing all athletes with great taste and the proper nutrition needed through every stage of training.  

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