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Orca Silicone Swim Cap

Orca Silicone Swim Cap

Orca Silicone Swim Cap If you are looking for a high quality, snug fitting and long-lasting cap to take you through both training and racing, then the Silicone Swim cap is the best choice for you. This accessory will stand the test of time in the water.



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Orca Silicone Swim Cap


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The Orca Silicone Swim Cap features:
  • MATERIAL 100% Silicone.
  • DURABILITY Made to last.
  • COMFORT Seamless, snug fit.
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Orca Silicone Swim Cap – Who Are the brand Orca?

Chasing Epic “Chasing Epic” is the essence of the Orca brand. It is about seeking the moments in life that make us feel truly alive and connected with the beauty of the world around us. There is something about being immersed in the open water; the crash of the waves, the roar of the wind, the taste of saltwater on your lips, and the warmth of sunlight on your skin, that makes you feel at home. Apex Performance Orca designs clothes and accessories to boost confidence in the water. With a history of designing performance wetsuits for triathletes since 1995, our unwavering commitment to advanced, innovative swimwear empowers you to overcome your limits. Whether you’re competing in a triathlon or swimming to challenge yourself, our fit-for-purpose garments are designed to meet your needs in even the most demanding conditions. Like the Killer Whale—the ocean’s apex predator after which our brand is named—our cutting-edge materials and rigorous product design process means our highly-technical garments enables apex performance in the water when you need it the most. Orca swimwear helps you feel at home in the ocean, no matter the conditions, no matter the season.  

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