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Multimat Trekker Thermal 10 XL Foam Mat

Multimat Trekker Thermal 10 XL Foam Mat

The Multimat Trekker Thermal 10 XL Foam Mat one stands out above the rest as an all season foam sleeping mat.
  • What makes it different is that it is fitted with a metalised and embossed layer of polyethylene film to the upper surface which provides extra insulation and increases durability
  • It also provides a bigger surface area being two inches longer and two inches wider than a normal full-sized mat, to provide additional comfort.
  • Yet it is great value and rolls up small and light enough to be easily carried with restraining straps in a backpack, making it ideal for Guides and other youth groups
So for an all season foam sleeping mat, Multimat’s Trekker Thermal 10 XL takes some beating.



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Multimat Trekker Thermal 10 XL Foam Mat


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Multimat Trekker Thermal 10 XL Foam Mat features:
  • Range: Trekker
  • Type: Foam
  • Code: CM-FVR010FOILXL
  • Size: 1850x550x10mm (XL)
  • Weight: 265g
  • Season Rating: 4
  • Compactness: 560x170mm
  • Colour: MoD/Foil Film
  • High quality cross-linked polyolefin foam
  • Metalised embossed PE film surface improves insulation and durability
While all mats in the range are designed for year-round use, one stands out above the rest as an all season foam sleeping mat and that one is the Trekker Thermal 10 XL. Shop more Camping and Hiking Accessories – SHOP

About the brand – Multimat

Multimat® products are distributed by Beacons Products, one of the UK’s leading foam and rubber converters. Established in 1986, we have been providing products to the outdoor leisure industry ever since and now Multimat® offers an unrivalled choice of sleeping mats and related products. Carefully selected foams and other materials are sourced worldwide, including from the UK, to ensure the optimum performance of all our products. Whether you are on your first great outdoor adventure or dedicated outdoor sports enthusiast, you will find a camping mat to match your needs. Quality Multimat® has established a reputation for quality. Beacons Products gained ISO 9001 accreditation in 1995. People Beacons products’ success relies upon a policy of continuous reinvestment in equipment, the use of the best raw materials and a skilled workforce to ensure Multimat® products are produced to the highest standards. During 1999, the company was recognised as meeting the National Standard for effective Investment in People (IIP). Related companies As well as the Multimat® brand of outdoor leisure products, Beacons Products also produces a wide range of foam and rubber products for industry, including thermal insulation for refrigerated vehicles, under the brand Functional Foam and cushioned flooring for commercial and domestic use under the brand Acoustalay.

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