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Men’s Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit

Men’s Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit

The Men’s Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit is the evolution of Openwater Core Hi-Vis. The Openwater Vitalis Hi-Vis is specifically designed for swimming and training in open water safely and with maximum visibility, thanks to its orange panels which stand out in contrast to the color of the sea. It also provides the thermal comfort needed to maintain an ideal body temperature without sacrificing movement.



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Men's Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit


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The Men’s Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit features:
  • High Visibility: For the utmost safety in the water, the HI-VIS has been designed with a high-visibility orange color that makes it easy for boats, surfers and other swimmers to locate you while you swim in open water.
  • Elasticity: The highly elastic materials used in this wetsuit will provide you with more flexibility for your swim stroke and allow you to swim without restricting your movements.
  • Neutral buoyancy: The 2.5 mm Yamamoto 38 material, incorporated in the torso and legs, will provide you with buoyancy in addition to good thermal comfort
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The Men’s Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit Care Instructions:
  • CLEANING – Neoprene can be damaged by excess salt or other chemicals such as chlorine if used in swimming pools. We recommend washing your wetsuit with plenty of water after each use. A small amount of neutral pH soap can be used and then rinsed out afterwards.Once clean, make sure prevent it from holding onto too much moisture. Air dry it outside or in a ventilated indoor space, somewhere without direct exposure to sunlight as this can damage the materials.
  • STORAGE – Storing your wetsuit properly keeps the materials and seams from creasing and being stretched for long periods of time. It also prevents the material from wrinkling, which can affect both the wetsuit’s durability and appearance.The best way to store a wetsuit is to hang it draped over a hanger from its waist, so that the most delicate areas such as the shoulders and arms do not have any kind of tension on them.For wetsuits with very flexible shoulders (Apex Flex or Apex Flow), it is important not to place them on a hanger from the shoulder area, as this will degrade the elasticity over time. For the rest of the models, a wide hanger can be used, as long as the wetsuit is not strained in the shoulder or neck area.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE – If your suit has Velcro, avoid contact between the Velcro and the inner lining of the wetsuit, as it will damage the fibers in the material. Keep the Velcro covered with the provided fabric patch or make sure that the Velcro is closed, so that the rough part of the Velcro does not damage the inside of your suit.2) For all suits, especially those made with neoprene, be careful not to damage the neoprene material with your nails when putting on or taking off the suit, as this type of damage is not covered by our warranty policy.3) Triathlon and open water suits have been designed specifically for swimming. We cannot guarantee correct functioning of the wetsuits for other activities. Any damage to the wetsuit resulting from use in activities other than swimming is not covered by our warranty policy.4) Avoid leaning on or coming into contact with any surfaces (especially rough ones) while wearing your wetsuit.

Men’s Orca Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit – Size and Fit Guide

One piece wetsuits (Men)

Size Chest Height Weight
4 85 – 91 157 – 170 55 – 61
5 90 – 95 162 – 172 61 – 66
6 95 – 99 167 – 175 67 – 74
MT(6T) 95 – 99 177 – 188 68 – 76
7 98 – 104 173 – 185 75 – 82
8 104 – 108 180 – 188 82 – 89
9 108 – 113 185 – 193 89 – 97
10 114 – 124 190 -196 98 – 106
11 123 – 134 193 – 200 107
* One piece wetsuits Mantra & Zen (Men) : This garment is made of compressive fabric. If you are between sizes, choose the larger size.

Who Are the brand Orca?

Chasing Epic “Chasing Epic” is the essence of the Orca brand. It is about seeking the moments in life that make us feel truly alive and connected with the beauty of the world around us. There is something about being immersed in the open water; the crash of the waves, the roar of the wind, the taste of saltwater on your lips, and the warmth of sunlight on your skin, that makes you feel at home. Apex Performance Orca designs clothes and accessories to boost confidence in the water. With a history of designing performance wetsuits for triathletes since 1995, our unwavering commitment to advanced, innovative swimwear empowers you to overcome your limits. Whether you’re competing in a triathlon or swimming to challenge yourself, our fit-for-purpose garments are designed to meet your needs in even the most demanding conditions. Like the Killer Whale—the ocean’s apex predator after which our brand is named—our cutting-edge materials and rigorous product design process means our highly-technical garments enables apex performance in the water when you need it the most. Orca swimwear helps you feel at home in the ocean, no matter the conditions, no matter the season.

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