Men’s 1000 Mile Fusion Sport Sock


  • The Men’s 1000 Mile Fusion Sport Sock breaks the mould, conventional sock wisdom dictates that you can either have padding for protection and comfort, or two layers for reduced friction.
  • Padded socks are thick, double layer socks are thin. This sock’s innovative design and material technology provides a sock that offers everything: BLISTER FREE GUARANTEE, together with padded comfort and protection.
  • Full padded Achilles tendon protection.
  • Arch bracing gives additional support.
  • Extra padding for toe, ball and heel zones.
  • Double layer construction eliminates friction between the foot and shoe, reducing wear and preventing blisters.
  • Tactel® inner layer wicks away perspiration to keep feet dry and cool.


Men’s 1000 Mile Fusion Sport Sock features:

  • Full padded Achilles tendon protection – the first sock to offer you this!
  • Arch bracing gives additional support
  • Extra padding for toe, ball and heel zones
  • Double layer construction eliminates friction between the foot and shoe, reducing wear and preventing blisters
  • Tactel® inner layer wicks away perspiration to keep feet dry and cool
  • Black colour option designed to be higher in the leg for winter running
  • See The 1000 Mile Size Guide – Size Guide
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Outer layer: 98% Nylon, 2% Lycra®

Inner Layer: 100% Tactel®


Wash before wearing. Machine wash 30 degree. No Bleach. No tumble dry

Men’s 1000 Mile Fusion Sport Sock – Fit Guide

  1. Choose the same size of sock as your foot. If you have narrow feet (D or less) or are on the border between sizes you should go down a size
  2. Cut barb with scissors to avoid damage to fabric.
  3. Pull on sock carefully to ensure the fitted heel and toe box sit on the foot correctly.
  4. Smooth out any wrinkles between the layers to ensure a snug, smooth fit.
  • Medium = UK 6-8.5 (EU 39-42.5)
  • Large = UK 9-11.5 (EU 43-46.5)
  • X-Large = UK 12-14 (EU47-49)
  • Men’s Fit = D-4E



Soft.  Light.  Surprisingly strong.

A dynamic, speciality fibre, Tactel® fibre creates garments that are soft, supple, smooth, breathable and lightweight.  According to rigid testing, Tactel® fibre is at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most other fibres.  It also dries 8 times faster than cotton.  In addition to being soft and lightweight, Tactel® fibre is strong.  The inherent strength of Tactel® fibre enables the production of fabrics that are 3 times as strong as those made with natural fibres.

Many of the 1000 Mile Double Layer socks have a 100% Tactel® inner lining which helps to reduce friction on the skin but also helps keep feet cool and dry during activities.


Who are the brand 1000 Mile?

1000 Mile is best known for its double layer, anti-blister system. The ‘sock within a sock’ design was introduced to the UK by 1000 Mile over 20 years ago with the very first Original sock. The inner layer stays with the foot as the outer layer moves with the shoe, thus eliminating friction on the skin and protecting your feet from blisters. Designed with the purpose of protecting not just athletes but also people with serious health issues like Diabetes where foot health is essential.

A family owned and run business, 1000 Mile socks are at the forefront of innovation, incorporating new fibre technology into our range and coming up with new designs to keep the country on its feet! As technology advances so do we, and our range is constantly evolving. From the very first cotton-rich Original Sock design we now offer over 60 styles covering activities from hiking and running to skiing and foot health.

We now have a sock to suit almost every requirement. Looking for a sock to keep your feet cool – take a look at our Breeze styles or perhaps you prefer padding for added comfort – try our Fusion range. If you want moisture management – look out for the Tactel inner lining to wick sweat away from the skin and for anti-bacterial – we have that covered with our Cupron styles.

Our trademark double layer socks, with blister free guarantee, are still amongst our most popular but if your preference is for single layer we have invested the same dedication in design and quality to provide a range of options to suit any activity that you want to take on. Trusted and worn all over the world whether you are looking for a moisture wicking sports sock or a sock which blends Tactel® and wool for walking and trekking, 1000 Mile has a sock to suit every individual.

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