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Meindl Comfort Fit Footbed

Meindl Comfort Fit Footbed

Meindl Comfort Fit Footbed helps provide natural shock absorbency and a stable platform. They are the perfect insoles for all boots in the Comfort Fit range. They feature the same extra width around the forefoot for easy toe movement and a snug and secure heel fit thanks to the cupped shape.


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Meindl Comfort Fit Footbed


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The Meindl Comfort Fit Footbed features:
  • Moisture absorbent
  • High-quality, flexible cork,
  • A poron shock absorber, and
  • Cushioning around the metatarsal head, all of which
  • Please note: the footbeds are only available in full sizes and are not suitable for trimming.
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View more Trailblazers Hiking Boots here : Hiking Boots Sportswax here : Hiking Boot Care Meindl Comfort Fit Footbed – How to care for your Meindl products:


  • Remove footbeds to dry. If waxing your boots, remove the laces as well.
  • Remove loose dirt and stones from both boot and sole under running water using a brush
  • Never dry footwear near a source of direct heat, e.g. sunlight, radiators or stoves. Wet leather is very sensitive to heat and can become brittle, hard and cracked.

Leather boots and shoes (Symbol I)

  • Use Meindl Sportwax each time you clean your boots
  • Every third time, spray with Meindl Wetproof before using Meindl Sportwax
  • The Meindl Wetproof will improve the water resistance of the leather
  • Remember to treat soft areas such as the tongue and cuff

Nubuck leather boots and shoes (Symbol II)

  • Smooth leather – treat regularly with Meindl Sportwax
  • The Meindl Wetproof will improve the water resistance of the leather
  • Nubuck leather/suede – spray frequently with Meindl Conditioner and Proofer
  • In all cases, remember to treat soft areas such as the tongue and cuff

Fabric and Suede boots and shoes

  • Use Meindl Conditioner and Proofer each time you clean your boots to protect them from drying out and becoming brittle
Meindl Comfort Fit Footbed – About Meindl  Once there were proper boot manufacturers in Germany – hundreds of boot factories. Today, Meindl is one of the few boot factories with proper production located in Germany. Here, in our factory in Kirchanschöring in Bavaria, over 200 colleagues are employed in making boots – good boots! We are continuing a centuries-old tradition, because Meindl has made boots in Kirchanschöring for over 300 years. Even if our hand craft production is today supported by modern equipment, each machine is operated by a person, carrying out one of over 200 work steps that are required in manufacturing a high-quality walking boot. Our master shoe-makers have the sensitivity, the experience and the commitment that a natural product such as leather, our principal material, needs, and they implement our own quality-assurance systems. We have not renounced hand-crafted quality in favour of breaking into the mass market. With ingenuity, flexibility and market focus, we make boots of hand-made quality, which is what the market expects from us. We produce over one million pairs of boots and shoes annually and supply them for the most important outdoor markets of the world. Up mountains, when Nordic walking, in the city, out hiking – no matter where you are walking in the world, Meindl boots are reliable companions for your feet. Our high-quality products need specialist retailers as partners. For this reason, we have further extended our sales-support team for retail sales and our subsequent-delivery service by building a new logistical centre here in Kirchanschöring. Numerous national and international prizes and awards confirm our striving for quality and innovation. We are pleased to be successful! We are supported in this by a committed team, and specialist retailers offering good advice! Thank you! Sustainability Meindl are committed to longevity as the best form of sustainability. High quality materials, centuries of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship, and timeless design ensure precisely fitting and durable products that last. Meindl walking boots and shoes are designed so that repairs and resoles can be made if necessary. On a practical level this extends the life of the product, conserves resources, and minimises environmental impact. On a personal level it conserves the individual fit as well as the emotional value of the boots or shoes. This means that Meindl have a clear policy to repair rather than replace footwear.  

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