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DexShell Ultra Thin Socks

DexShell Ultra Thin Socks

DexShell Ultra Thin Socks are part of the DexShell intelligent range of waterproof socks. Hail their thinnest waterproof sock! Featuring Modal and bamboo rayon yarns, the DexShell Ultra Thin Crew socks give excellent comfort with a supple feel and provide superb breathability in warmer climates. Protect yourself from that summer rain! These socks are designed for a multitude of outdoor uses: running, cycling, hiking, riding, fishing and dog walking to name but a few… DexShell collection of socks delivers unrivaled combination of comfort and warmth with an added unique benefit that conventional outdoor socks simply do not possess.


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DexShell Ultra Thin Socks


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DexShell Ultra Thin Socks features:
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Ultra Lightweight With Casual Design
  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Naturally Antibacterial And Sweat Absorbing
  • Outer Sock: Modal, Nylon, Elastane
  • Interlining: Porelle Membrane
  • Inner Sock: Bamboo Rayon, Nylon
  DexShell Ultra Thin Socks – Three layer Construction DexShell socks utilize the three-layer bonded construction, with the waterproof breathable Porelle membrane sandwiched in between an easy-drip-dry outer and a comfortable inner. DexShell Ultra Thin Socks – Size Guide Sock size chart

DexShell Ultra Thin Socks – Who Are The Brand DexShell?

DexShell is proud of its extensive range of outdoor apparel accessories. Every product is designed for those needing element repellent clothing suitable for extreme outdoor activities, enhancing experiences in challenging weather and terrain, minimizing the effects of these conditions to ensure enjoyment and high performance. Consistent technological and product innovations are behind the success of DexShell’s waterproof, yet breathable socks, gloves and hats. This desire and passion for innovation has driven the brand’s product development and manufacturing capabilities since its inception. Continuous research ensures that DexShell source the most high spec materials with the best suppliers across the globe. All of the above, means that the company’s manufacturing technique results in products that are more durable, comfortable and reliable than those of its competitors. Anyone who participates in extreme outdoor pursuits can trust our range to work with them. DexShell products not only care for your skin but are also gentle on the environment too. As the advancements of these durable products continue, DexShell positions itself at the forefront of innovations within the outdoor clothing industry.

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