Base LayersA base layer is a thin layer of extra clothing (tops or leggings), that are worn underneath regular outdoor gear. Base layers are generally made of breathable wicking fabric that is extremely efficient at retaining your body heat. They are designed to conserve warmth without having to add lots of bulk.

Base layers (or thermals) are also made with comfort in mind so seems are often extra streamlined and sometimes placed on the outside of the garment so that your ‘next to skin’ experience is extremely smooth and irritant free. Our Sprayway Merina Nesus Crew Neck range for example doesn’t even have a label attached to the inside, instead it’s printed, leaving zero aggravation possibilities.

Columbia omni heat base layersThere are lots of base layers that are now designed to look good enough to wear on their own as a long or short sleeve top or tee shirt. Fabrics range from merino wool to technical synthetic mix options. Columbia offer the Omniheat which incorporates their now infamous ‘silver dot’ thermal lining in the places you need it most.

Your ‘thermals’ no longer come in just black or white. Fashionable options include deep pink, royal blue, purple, charcoal, khaki and more.

Choose from a low crew neck which allows to you wear almost any other top over it while the base layer remains unseen or go for a high neck with or without a zip. Alternatively, funk up the base layers, choose a bold colour and let the layers be seen for a flattering layered winter look using complimentary colours and printed designs.

Base layers are not just for extreme outdoor weather adventurers. They are just as useful on the highstreet during cold snaps. Modern base layers are so thin and comfortable that they can be worn under that long sleeve top, shirt, blouse, jumper or trousers to increase their warmth while not compromising on style. The high tech fabrics and top quality merino wool options ensure zero itch with maximum comfort.