How To Choose The Best Lights for Your Bike

As the evenings begin to draw in and the clocks go back it’s important to take stock of visibility on your bicycle and choose the best lights for your bike. Without lights a cyclist can be virtually invisible to other road users, even on streets with lighting. You’ll need a white light for the front of your bike and a red light for the rear. Lights play a huge role in keeping you seen and safe,  so it’s crucial to select a lighting system that’s the right fit for your bike usage and lifestyle.  At Trailblazers we can help you with that.

High Tech Reliable Lights

Bike lights have come a long way in recent years. They are now incredibly lightweight and very easy to fix onto your frame. Most lights come with a stretchy rubber strap which simply clips around your handlebars, stem or seat post. Both flashing and steady light options allow you to select your preferred setting. In terms of powering your lights the options now include USB rechargeable units, so you can simply plug into your computer while at work or college and you’ll be all set to go again.

Convenient & Lightweight

Your lights come with an easy clip on and off system so if you’re leaving your bike locked up somewhere while shopping, at work or in school for example, simply slip the light off and keep it safe in your bag. They are so lightweight and compact you won’t even notice them there!

Know Your Brightness Rating Requirements

When selecting lights take into account where you’ll be cycling in order to choose the correct brightness required. Look for the Lumen rating, which is a reliable way of measuring and comparing the brightness between product options. For those of you using bikes in and around town, generally in places that already provide street lighting, bike lights at the lower end of the Lumen scale (150 approx) are suitable. These are designed to maximise your visibility to other road users.

On or Off Road?

If you plan to ride away from road lighting you’ll need a much stronger lighting system in order for other road and off-road users to see you but also for you to see what’s coming up next in enough time to react. These lights are in the range of 1000 Lumen, are slightly heavier in weight and need some extra battery power. We’ve got all of that covered too.


After that it comes down to your favourite style or brand and we stock a range of reliable options in Trailblazers for you to peruse, covering urban to off road night cycling lights from Cateye, KLS, Xeccon and Oxford . Come in and have a look around or order online here : Bike Lights. If you don’t see what you need please give us a call or drop us an email.

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