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1 Season Sleeping Bag: Good for warm Summer nights only. Best use during 10 °C or higher. If you’re summer camping then a 1 Season bag is ideal.

2 Season Sleeping Bag: Ideal for late Spring through to early Autumn. Best use during 5 °C or higher. For most family campers a 2 Season bag is adequate.

3 Season Sleeping Bag: Great for camping throughout Spring and Autumn. Best use during 0 °C or higher. Most of these sleeping bags will keep you warm on cold nights and not too hot on milder nights. Their lower limit may be rated from zero to -5 degrees but you will start to feel the cold then.

4 Season Sleeping Bag: Suitable for Winter nights. Best use during -5 °C or higher. Winter bags that are suitable for very cold Winter nights down to -10 degrees.